Self-Worth and Natalie Benhayon

featured image Self Worth and Natalie Benhayon
by Robyn Jones – B.Sc. (Psych), Goonellabah, Australia

Every woman that I have come into contact with to date, seems to be affected by what can be described as a ‘lack of self-worth’.

Women frequently share with me their feelings of ‘not being good enough’, ‘feeling like they are not doing enough’, ‘feeling like they are not enough just for who they are’. Women share that they often have thoughts of ‘self-blame’, ‘running themselves down’, being critical of themselves, overdoing things, as well as feelings of having ‘done something wrong’ when other people are upset with them.

I was listening to an audio by Esoteric Women’s Health Founder and Director, Natalie Benhayon the other day, and she described ‘lack of self-worth’ as “the modern day plague”.

In this particular audio Natalie Benhayon shares, “If there was a disease that we could say almost every woman worldwide suffers, it would be lack of self-worth, aside from the physical ailments and dispositions that they also experience, lack of self-worth would be the modern day plague that affects every woman in society, either throughout their entire life or at least some point in their life.”

Natalie goes on to say “Understanding and truly healing lack of self-worth for women is a very important part of our lives, that we need to explore in a much deeper way than we have thus far been looking at it, as a society.”

In order to be able to do this we first need to recognise that we are in fact suffering from a lack of self-worth and then how this plays out in our life, how ‘lack of self-worth’ affects our thoughts and feelings, and how it impacts on our relationship with ourselves and others.

As women, we freely discuss many aspects of our lives, such as, issues within our relationships, how hard it is to allow ourselves to love or be loved, our lack of trust, our struggle in allowing people to get close to us, being a 24/7 mum and not having any time for ourselves, and so much more.

But as Natalie Benhayon brings to the fore in this powerful audio, underlying all of these issues is a lack of self-worth that we are yet to fully understand and heal, as well as realising that a lack of self-worth is not something we have to live with everyday or even for the rest of our life.

To listen to the entire audio featuring Natalie Benhayon, titled – Lack of Self-Worth: The Modern Day Plague, click here.

What are some of the ways you can recognise this modern day plague of lack of self-worth playing out in your life? Please comment below.

Original article titled “Lack of self-worth: is this the modern day plague of our time?” was published on the Mouths of Mums website on April 4, 2016.


5 thoughts on “Self-Worth and Natalie Benhayon

  1. This is such a great discussion to have Robyn, and very much needed. I’m sure every woman can relate to this ‘modern day plague’. It’s so supportive to have forums like Esoteric Women’s Health to shine a spot light on this and point out that it doesn’t have to be our ‘normal’. Where does this come from? How did we get here? For me, lack of self worth plays out as not feeling enough, and this rippled its way through my life, shaping the choices I’ve made and tainted my relationships. Thankfully I have begun to appreciate myself and the qualities I bring, and with that I have found my choices are much more loving as well as my relationships.


    1. Thank you Heather for your comment and what you have shared, as this has also been my experience too. It wasn’t until I attended a presentation by Natalie Benhayon that I was even aware that I had a choice about healing the lack of self worth I had come to know as ‘normal’.


  2. My huge lack of self-worth impacted all my interactions with people and especially all my relationships, whether with partners, family members, friends and colleagues. I did not have healthy relationships, and I was deeply insecure. To compensate and feel needed, I would put all others needs before my own, this taking care of others made me feel good, which was a cover not to feel my lack of self-worth. But I was left exhausted with no energy or vitality for my own life. My life came to a big stop a few years ago where I was given much time to reassess my life and my choices. I made new lifesytle choices to self-care and self-nurture. I started to put me first in my life. This changed everything, and the more I made self care a daily practice, the insecurity and the disregared I had once chosen, dropped away, as I learned to listen to my body and all it was communicating with me. The more I listend to my body, the more my body supported me back with next steps to take. Thus from lack of self-worth, I now find myself appreciating how much I have changed, and now allowing the truly sweet and precious woman I am to be seen and expressed. No more holding back or hiding. And there is so much more warmth, acceptance, understanding and connection in all my relationhsips…..


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