True Religion – It Begins in the Body

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by Robyn Jones – B.Sc. (Psych), NSW, Australia

For many years I have felt alone in the world. This has come with varying degrees of feeling overwhelmed just from the sheer thought of having to do everything on my own with no real or consistent support.

This aloneness has stopped me from doing so many different things in life. I have held back expressing myself and what I feel in so many instances because I have been afraid of what may come back at me, such as a reaction or a verbal attack, and handling this on my own. It has stopped me from organising and executing a number of activities I have felt the impulse to offer due to not feeling like I am enough, and not being able to do it all on my own. I mean what if I couldn’t answer someone’s question?!

The number of times in my life where feeling alone has impacted on my choices or feeling a lack of choice, are too numerous to mention, and to be honest I don’t even think I am even aware of the full impact feeling alone has had on my life.

It wasn’t until about 10 years ago when I first experienced the Gentle Breath Meditation™, and I felt myself drop into my body for the first time in a very long time, that the feeling of aloneness was not present. Just for a moment…

Just for a moment I felt a settlement within me, a clarity, a warmth, a sense of space. It was a revelatory moment.

Over the years the settlement, the warmth, the space, and the clarity have grown and have become a daily experience. I have found the more I stop thinking, and instead simply feel from within my body, I am aware of so much more. For instance, I am aware that when I am in my body I don’t feel alone.

Why is this?

The answer to this question is because I have found God within.

A very wise man once shared that “the Kingdom of God is inside us”. And even though this phrase has had many interpretations placed on it over the years, the truth of it remains.

The Kingdom of God does live within us, because over the last 10 years I have been returning to this truth through my body.

Within me I feel God. There is no need to look outside of myself to find Him. He is within me. And I am not special in this either, because we all have God within.

Some people may say they don’t believe in God. That is ok, because God still resides within.

Some people may say they don’t feel this. That is ok, because God still resides within.

Some people may say they are not worthy of God being within them, due to some of the things they have done. That is ok, because God still resides within.

Whatever we may feel about God and ourselves, God still resides within.

This is a truth that no one can escape or rationalise away, it just is, and it is truly beautiful.

We are never alone. On the contrary, we are part of something huge and amazing – the universe, the stars, humanity… everything.

And all we need to do is to return to our bodies to connect to this truth, to connect to God, and to connect to true religion – which has always been, and will forever be, about our relationship with God. There is no institution that will bring us religion; it is for us to connect to first and foremost from within.

And we can do this through connecting to our bodies through breathing gently, through self-care (i.e. taking care with ourselves), and through feeling first rather than thinking first.

From connecting in this way we then have the choice to move our body in union with God… and by moving in the quality of this union we are in religion with everything. Our quality becomes the leading light for all else that follows.

What could be more loving and embracing than that, and how could we ever feel alone again (unless we choose to)?

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