Bullying is an Issue We All Need to Address

Bullying has become epidemic. It seems to be everywhere – in workplaces, schools, families, car parks, supermarkets, on the street, online – everywhere.

Recently my daughter has had to deal with being bullied on a regular basis at school. She has been called names, kicked, punched, pushed, and been hit with a school hat. She is 8.
We called the school to see what we could do and they were more than willing to address the problem.

The kids that have been bullying my daughter are young. They are also 8. So where does this behaviour come from? Their parents, their siblings? Them? They certainly weren’t born a bully. You don’t see newborn babies hitting, kicking, and being aggressive, do you? And can we really stop bullying? … More Bullying is an Issue We All Need to Address