Enduring guardian, self doubt, clairsentience, and me…

Enduring guardian article feature image
by Robyn Jones

A dear friend of mine recently asked if I would act as her enduring guardian in the case that she may need this at some point in her life. Now, by simply googling enduring guardian you see this comes with a significant amount of responsibility.

Once upon a time I would have balked at this level of responsibility, but not nowadays. You see nowadays I don’t allow myself to entertain the thoughts I once did. The ones that tell me I can’t do it or I won’t be able to handle whatever happens, the ones where I doubt my ability to do what is needed at any given time, in the past these are the thoughts that would end up crippling me with panic attacks and severe anxiety.

Nowadays I spend less time listening to these thoughts of self doubt because all self doubt does is denies our own knowing, and this feels awful. It makes us feel small, far smaller than what we actually are.

And it has dawned on me that there are so many moments in my life where some pretty big things have happened. Car accidents, surgery, public presentations, acute illness, getting married, giving birth, and so, so much more.

Before, during, and even after each one of these instances there has been self doubt present, yet each time I have come through them and out the other side richer for the experiences. So I can absolutely be my friend’s enduring guardian. In fact, I can feel it in every cell of my body.

Over the years I have come to deeply trust what my body shares so keenly with me. It has not once let me down in feeling what is needed and when. And let me be clear here, I am not talking about ‘gut feelings’ either, I am talking about the knowing that comes from within our hearts.

I connect to this knowing through clairsentience, which is an ability we all have, in fact we are all born with it. This means that none of us need to go and find it, search for it, or recreate it, because it resides within each and every one of us, equally and always.

By using my clairsentience to come back to this knowing I now have a relationship with my body that I had long since forgotten. Like a child experiencing joy, clairsentience is very much a whole body experience, where there is an ancient wisdom and absolute knowing of all that is and will be. The knowing that comes directly from our Soul, from God.

Clairsentience reminds us of our natural grandness, our ability to know what is needed, and the fact that we are never alone, because our Soul and God are with us always. Our clairsentience constantly confirms this, and I feel this when I know what is needed in every cell of my body. There is no room for doubt, no battle between the two, there is only knowing, a very deep and wise knowing.

So, I know, from deep within, that if or when the time may arise for me to be an enduring guardian for my friend I will do it with all that I am, and all that I know to be true, from the cells of my body, from my clairsentience. And if self doubt does happen to creep in, I know it won’t last long, as the connection I hold to clairsentience is far greater and far stronger.

One thought on “Enduring guardian, self doubt, clairsentience, and me…

  1. As nurses, midwives or health carers we use clairsentience everyday. It is a natural ability that allows you to deeply connect to the patient/client and see them for who they are, not their illness and know what is needed in the moment.


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