Breastfeeding Myths Busted – Part 3

Having a new baby is a precious and delicate time. We have this new tiny human we need to make loving and caring choices for. One of these choices is how we feed and nourish them, and we can start to consider this choice when we are pregnant, maybe even earlier for some women.

Throughout this 3-part series we have established the responsibility we all have, as women, in knowing ourselves from the inside out in order to not get caught up in the myths about breastfeeding that are floating around – myths that can potentially affect us detrimentally, both physically and psychologically.

And this is the case with anything that is not true, isn’t it? Lies and myths can hurt, and the effects of these can be felt not just by us, but also by our families and beyond. … More Breastfeeding Myths Busted – Part 3

Breastfeeding Myths Busted – Part 2

As women, when we have a new baby to care for we want to give them all that we can. This includes the choice in how we feed them – through either breastfeeding, bottle feeding, or mixed feeding.

Currently there is a significant amount of pressure on women to breastfeed. For some this may mean they have to overcome some serious physical challenges that may be experienced, or even to override what they truly feel is needed for both themselves and their baby.

There are a number of myths making the rounds about breastfeeding that can negatively affect this very vulnerable and precious time and in this 3-part series of articles we are looking at six of the most common. … More Breastfeeding Myths Busted – Part 2

Breastfeeding Myths Busted – Part 1

Having a new baby is an amazing experience. It comes with the wonder of how someone can be so tiny (and so loud at the same time!) and the fact they are dependent on us to take care of their every need for a while. There are so many ways we can care for and nurture our new tiny human, and so much we can do as women to support them to grow up healthy and strong.

Feeding our babies is one way of nurturing and caring for our baby, but there are currently a number of myths floating around and interfering with this process – myths that can leave many women with feelings of inadequacy, self-doubt, failure, unplanned pregnancies, physical harm, and much more. Not what is needed at this precious time of immense change! … More Breastfeeding Myths Busted – Part 1

What Do Our Children Truly Want for Christmas?

I saw a post on Facebook recently about gift giving at Christmas time and how every child deserves presents at Christmas.

Yes, all children absolutely deserve to be celebrated and what child doesn’t want presents, right?

They are fun, plus getting new stuff is always enjoyable… but what if presents are not what our children are truly yearning for at Christmas time?

What if… what our children want most is for us to be truly present with them – to really connect with them? … More What Do Our Children Truly Want for Christmas?

Supporting Our Daughters in Preparation for Their Period

Do you remember your first period? I do. I was 11 and it was a very low-key affair.

I had some light bleeding that lasted a few days and then nothing again for about 6 months.

I recall feeling some confusion as to whether this was in fact the beginning of my menstrual cycle or not. I wasn’t aware at the time that you could have a period and then not have one for months afterwards.

I thought that once you started, it came every month after that. So I was left wondering and waiting. … More Supporting Our Daughters in Preparation for Their Period