Enduring guardian, self doubt, clairsentience, and me…

A dear friend of mine recently asked if I would act as her enduring guardian in the case that she may need this at some point in her life. Now, by simply googling enduring guardian you can quickly see this comes with what could be described as an enormous amount of responsibility.

Once upon a time I would have balked at this level of responsibility, but not nowadays. You see nowadays I don’t allow myself to entertain the thoughts I once did. The ones that tell me I can’t do it or I won’t be able to handle whatever happens, the ones where I doubt my ability to do what is needed at any given time, the thoughts that would end up crippling me with panic attacks and severe anxiety. … More Enduring guardian, self doubt, clairsentience, and me…

Are We Intelligent From Birth?

We live in a world where intelligence is revered, it is championed, and a significant amount of resources are invested into measuring it, so as to compare one person’s intelligence to another to decide who is better or more intelligent. Our educational systems are based on increasing our intelligence, and our career paths are chosen on the level of intelligence we eventually attain.

It could easily be said that intelligence in our society is seen as a commodity, and a very valuable one at that.
But what if the level of intelligence we are focusing on is in fact not IT?

Let’s investigate this further. … More Are We Intelligent From Birth?