Are We Intelligent From Birth?

We live in a world where intelligence is revered, it is championed, and a significant amount of resources are invested into measuring it, so as to compare one person’s intelligence to another to decide who is better or more intelligent. Our educational systems are based on increasing our intelligence, and our career paths are chosen on the level of intelligence we eventually attain.

It could easily be said that intelligence in our society is seen as a commodity, and a very valuable one at that.
But what if the level of intelligence we are focusing on is in fact not IT?

Let’s investigate this further. … More Are We Intelligent From Birth?

True Religion – It Begins in the Body

For many years I have felt alone in the world. This has come with varying degrees of feeling overwhelmed just from the sheer thought of having to do everything on my own with no real or consistent support.

This aloneness has stopped me from doing so many different things in life. I have held back expressing myself and what I feel in so many instances because I have been afraid of what may come back at me, such as a reaction or a verbal attack, and handling this on my own. It has stopped me from organising and executing a number of activities I have felt the impulse to offer due to not feeling like I am enough, and not being able to do it all on my own. I mean what if I couldn’t answer someone’s question?!

The number of times in my life where feeling alone has impacted on my choices or feeling a lack of choice, are too numerous to mention … More True Religion – It Begins in the Body