Are We Intelligent From Birth?

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by Robyn Jones – B.Sc. (Psych), NSW, Australia

We live in a world where a particular type of intelligence is revered, it is championed. We invest a significant amount of resources into measuring it, so as to compare one person’s level of intelligence to another to decide who is better or more intelligent. Our educational systems are based on increasing this intelligence, and our career paths are chosen on the attained level of this particular intelligence.

It could easily be said that intelligence in our society is seen as a commodity, and a very valuable one at that.

But what if the level of intelligence we are focusing on is in fact not IT?

Let’s investigate this further.

We are born… we know when we are hungry, when we need a nappy change, when we are tired and need to sleep, when we are too cold or too hot, and we communicate accordingly to our care givers. We begin to move around on our own, we sit up, we crawl, we walk, we start talking. We exude a natural intelligence that has nothing to do with the mind.

Then we go to school and are taught that we need to ‘educated’. We are given many lessons that offer us information and we are assessed and measured on how much of this information we can recall. We leave school, go to work, go to university, get married, travel, have children. Creating a life based on the intelligence we were educated with at school.

However, we make choices that are anything but intelligent, choices that are in fact damaging to our bodies in so many different ways. We smoke, we drink alcohol, we overeat, we eat foods that don’t agree with us, we stay up late, don’t get enough quality rest, we overdo physical activities, we react and shut people out, we talk to ourselves badly, we overextend ourselves on a very regular basis.

So what is going on? Because as babies we once knew all that we needed without having a conscious thought about it, but as we got older we seemed to lose this innate intelligence and instead replaced it with a different kind of intelligence. One that we are told about, one we are educated about at school and in society, and one we need to comply with in order to graduate from our educational systems and successfully make it in the world by societal standards. This current version of intelligence is all about the accumulation of knowledge.

Knowledge is what our current society values as intelligence.

However, knowledge is not working for us, as we have ever-increasing rates of mental health conditions, cancer, neurological disorders, heart attacks, strokes, diabetes… the list goes on. Sure we have amazing advances in science, technology, and medicine. But if our bodies and our minds are becoming more and more ill, is our current level of intelligence or knowledge really that intelligent?

Is there another type of intelligence than what we are currently championing?

The answer is yes, there is, and we display this intelligence as babies, where knowledge is not what governs us, but the innate wisdom and knowing from our bodies.

It is an intelligence that far surpasses any knowledge we may accumulate as we grow – an intelligence that cannot be formally tested and measured. It is a vast and expansive intelligence, it is multidimensional (i.e. bigger than the current frame of our body), and it is innate in all of us – equally so.

This intelligence is called Whole Body Intelligence.

When we allow ourselves to connect with the body we are given all the answers we need, we are able to feel when someone is lying, when someone is angry, when someone is joyful, when someone is being themselves and when they are not, even the words to write an assignment or business report. We are able to feel subtle manipulations, the energy things are written or spoken in, the truth, and the almost truths. We can feel what we need and what we don’t need in any given moment. We can feel everything.

There is a great well of wisdom and knowing we have access to and it is found within us, through our bodies.

This is because our body has access to so much more than our minds do. It has access to the universe, the stars, to God, because it is made up of particles that connect it with the All. So we can in fact sense so much, and this is how we operate as babies. From an intelligence that is evident and easily seen by how we simply know what we need and when. Why we cried when creepy Uncle ‘What’s His Name’ wanted to give us a cuddle, but we simply felt the creepiness and said no to interacting with this.

So the question that now needs to be asked is…

Can we return to whole body intelligence even if we haven’t been living this since we were young?

Of course, because our body hasn’t gone anywhere, it is with us in every interaction and movement we make, we simply disconnected from it. Therefore, whole body intelligence is always available to us, and we can return to it anytime we choose.

And re-connecting to our bodies can be supported through simple activities such as self-care, which brings our focus back to our body through the quality in which we honour, respect, and nurture our bodies. Reminding us that we are precious, we are part of a greater whole, and life is so much more than we currently see it as.

Whole body intelligence brings a quality to the way we live, the way we move, and the way we think. Our thoughts are more expansive, we can read between the lines, we feel the world from within. It really is a much simpler way of living, and yet it is not the norm… but it really needs to be!

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