The Systemic Abuse of Men

Did you know that more men than women commit suicide in nearly every single country around the world, except China?[1]

The statistics of male suicide are horrifying and are telling us that men are not just hurting, they are hurting to the point of killing themselves.

We need to stop and really let this sink in . . . and then ask:

What is going on?

Worldwide, there is in fact a hidden, yet systemic, abuse of men happening right under our noses – in our homes, in our schools, in the street – and most of us have not even noticed it due to the abuse being so very subtle and insidious. … More The Systemic Abuse of Men

The Vulnerability of Men

Vulnerability is not a common word used to describe men, is it? I wonder why this is, because we have all witnessed at one time or another the moment a man drops all the armour, hardness, striving, and pushing through life to allow themselves to simply be vulnerable, showing their soft underbelly, melting everyone in their wake.

It happens when a man becomes a father and holds their newborn for the first time, tears delicately rolling slowly and gracefully down their face as they stare into the eyes of their child. It happens … More The Vulnerability of Men