L.P. – Gold Coast, QLD

Robyn is an amazing practitioner. She is never imposing or judgmental. She has a wisdom and grace that allows me the space to just be me in a session and let go of tensions. Robyn lovingly guides me through situations and helps me reconnect back to the beauty within me when I feel lost and confused. She helps me get back to me and always reminds me of who I am. I always love talking to Robyn because she dedicates her time to be with me and makes me feel very important and heard. No small thing is seen as useless or nothing, everything is taken into account.

The deep understanding Robyn has for behaviours and reactions has helped me to see things clearly through the trust we have built in our sessions.

She brings a lightness, openness and a playfulness to the way in which she sees things which is just so refreshing to receive. I highly recommend Robyn as a counsellor. She is just a wonderful delight to be with.